The rules for The Grappler’s Heart Tournament are governed by two overarching principles: safety and equality.

Bearing in mind competitors registered within each of our six divisions operate as part of a spectrum of ability, we have slightly modified the standard International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Rules to keep the competition safe and fair for all abilities.

We recognize that no two people with the same disability or in the same divisional category are necessarily physically alike, so the following rules attempt to take that reality into account, while still holding competitors to an overarching standard of competition.

Rule Modifications

  1. Five minute match duration for all belt levels, weight classes and divisions.
  2. In the unlikely event of a tie on the score cards, a two minute sudden death round will take place (first point, advantage or submission wins, whichever comes first)
  3. All matches will start from the knees or a sitting position.
  4. No kneebars, toeholds, heel hooks, cervical cranks or spinal locks at all levels.
  5. Any sweep or reversal will be awarded two points (i.e., if someone is in the bottom during side control and bumps there opponent to the point that the opponent then ends up on the bottom)

All other rules follow the IBJJF Rulebook, a helpful summary of which can be found here: